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90s Armani European Ride Biker Leather Jacket (S)

90s Armani European Ride Biker Leather Jacket (S)

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Picture yourself on the back of a powerful machine, cruising through the European landscapes as the wind rushes past. It's a European ride, and your jacket reflects the spirit of this escapade. Armani's signature touch meets the rugged aesthetics of a biker jacket, resulting in a garment that captures attention and resonates with the heart of a traveler.

The white leather serves as a canvas for the bold design elements. Grey and red accents intertwine, creating a visual tapestry that is both dynamic and captivating. The jacket's construction nods to the iconic biker style, ensuring that the essence of adventure is infused into every stitch.

At the back, the bold "AJ" initials are proudly displayed, a testament to Armani's legacy and design prowess. As you ride, these initials become a declaration of your affinity for quality and style. The jacket's fit is tailored to exude confidence, offering both comfort and a form-flattering silhouette that captures the essence of the open road.

Pictures show the real condition of this jacket. Worn but still deserves a long life, biker jacket are not made to be worn twice a year. 

Please refer to measurements 
Length - 61cm
Sleeves length - 61cm
Shoulders - 45cm
Chest - 45cm


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